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Raking Leaves Doesn’t Have to Be a Pain in the Back

Now that we are well into the fall, we can look forward to the spectacular show of colours.  However, not many of us look forward to raking those leaves. Especially not if we injure ourselves in the process.
With these simple steps, you can take the ‘ache’ out of ‘rake’ […]

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Heartburn Anguish? Some Simple Tips

Most of us have felt it at some time — that uncomfortable burning pressure, deep in our chest, over the heart and sometimes up into the throat. It interferes with our sleep, our work, our thoughts – it can affect every part of the day!

Babies have it, children and […]

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Children and Posture

We watch our children for everything – do you know how to assess their posture? Read on to find three easy steps to check your child’s posture while sitting or standing, and why this is important for their development.

Check out our latest blog for more information!


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Why We Hold Stress in our Shoulders

We’ve undoubtedly all felt the tightness and discomfort of the neck and shoulders that comes on with stress, especially while working at a desk or computer. The following is an interesting new article written by one of our chiropractors, Dr Shawn Toner, explaining why this happens and how to […]