The team at Sound Chiropractic and Health Sciences Centre are pleased to announce the opening of their Bedford office at 620 Nine Mile Drive, Unit 205. This is the second location for Sound as they recently opened at 71 Ilsley Avenue in Burnside. They are fully staffed at each location and offer the following services: chiropractic, acupuncture, nutritional rehabilitation and lifestyle coaching.

Sound has a vision to become the go-to provider of wellness services in HRM. Their approach is holistic, client-focused and supports wellness by addressing the cause of disease in the body, through mobility issues, postural weaknesses, office ergonomics and lifestyle choices. The practitioners at Sound are educated in nutrition and exercise and how these elements affect the body and improve mobility.

“We are thrilled to be located in Bedford where we can work with families to empower their body, mind and soul!” says co-owner, Dr. Ellen MacPhee. “A lot of our clients live in Bedford and work in Burnside so it is a nice option for them plus we look forward to serving the surrounding community.”
Sound offers clients a six week course on nutrition and wellness and introductory yoga classes. For more information visit their website at www.soundchiropractic. ca or call 444-4666

The following practitioners are available for appointments at Sound:

Dr. Ellen MacPhee – Chiropractor, Acupuncture Provider
Dr. Andrew McEwan – Chiropractor
Dr. Narina Aliter – Registered Acupuncturist
Kate Mosley – Registered Acupuncturist
Dr. Gerard and Susan MacPhee – Nutritional and Lifestyle Counsellors