“I have been seeing Dr. Ellen Macphee for years. Since beginning chiropractic treatment, I truly feel my life has changed. It helped with back pain but surprisingly, it also helped with migraines and asthmatic symptoms. I feel that I understand my body better and feel healthier because of the help I’ve been given. The staff at Sound always have your best interest at heart and it is easy to tell that they care.”
Elyse Sargent, Lower Sackville, NS



“I would like to take this opportunity to express how grateful I am for having the good fortune of being treated for a number of months by Dr. Narina Aliter. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in 2011 and have required many treatments since that time. Dr. Narina is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and compassionate people I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Not only is she a medical doctor, a doctor of Cardiology and Emergency Cardiology, but all this combined with her Alternative Medicine, notably a Registered Acupuncturist, she is a “front-runner” in what all doctors SHOULD BE, a combination of Medical and Alternative medicine. I suffered with neck pain, hip and back pain and was only given one choice with my family doctor, medication. Having been treated with acupuncture has given me almost total freedom from pain, and she has also given me guidance and reassurance with my “medical” issues. Two and a half years later I am doing very well, and I will be forever grateful to her and will continue to follow up with her on a regular basis. Sound Chiropractic & Health Sciences Centres have a “GEM”.”
Bonnie Johnstone, Dartmouth, NS



“I read in a reputable magazine that Jennifer Aniston receives facial rejuvenation acupuncture as a natural way to reduce lines, wrinkles, and aging in the face. I wanted to try it and started seeing Kate Mosley in June. The required treatment plan was for 10-12 sessions and then maintenance once a month afterward. I started going twice a week and noticed small changes around the 4th or 5th visit. My face seemed fresh looking and fuller, almost like I had a mini Botox session, but this was 100% natural! I met a friend who I haven’t seen in a long time and they said I looked so good. My passport renewal photo looked better in 2013 than in 2008! The biggest difference I noticed were my laugh lines around my mouth. I’m very excited with results and visit monthly for maintenance treatments. I’m very happy with Kate and her work and it is a pleasure to go to her for treatment. I would highly recommend her!”
Cathy McMaster, Halifax, NS



“After a motor vehicle accident, I began receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Narina Aliter. I was suffering from pain in my lower back and neck. I was very happy with the treatments from Dr. Narina. She is very knowledgeable, very punctual, very caring and very professional. She is always ready to help and advise. I consider myself very lucky to have met her and received her acupuncture treatments.”
Julia Potey, Halifax, NS



“Having logged hundreds of thousands of miles on airplanes over the last few years my body has taken on the shape of an airplane seat, lower back pain, headaches and neck pain has become a way of life for me. I was recently treated by Dr. Ellen MacPhee and I have to say it was the first time I actually looked forward to going to the doctor. Ellen and her team are an absolute pleasure to visit with! They have a genuine care for their patients and their kindness is only outdone by their knowledge. After a few treatments I felt 100% better and can now tackle the skies knowing there is a place I can visit and feel great again”
Eddie LeMoine, International Speaker/Author and Employee Engagement Expert



“I have sustained injuries in my knees, back and neck through years of contact sport. Given my limited range of motion and previous history with neck pain and injuries I was particularly nervous about seeing a chiropractor. Dr. Ellen MacPhee’s holistic and informed approach made me feel safe and comfortable. With a background in sports and athletic therapy, she was able to talk me through every step of the process and explain the implications of my limited neck flexibility on other areas of my health and wellness. She is proactive and professional and I have every confidence in her treatment plan for bettering my health, managing pain and improving my mobility.”
Eryn Hessian, Stanstead, QC
“We have participated in the Eating for Health program offered by Dr. Gerard MacPhee and Susan MacPhee. The series forever changed our approach to diet and our understanding of food as it relates to health. The MacPhees are passionate advocates for better living and are particularly knowledgeable about food and its effects on our health. We continue to view Eating for Health as the standard by which we assess our dietary practices and the model to return to when we lose sight of our objective.”
Gerald and Lynda FitzGerald, Charlottetown, PEI
“The MacPhee’s have read , studied the scientific/medical literature and put into practice the principles of eating for health and longevity . We benefited as  students of theirs in the 1990’s and again in 2013 . If you want a recipe for Health and Longevity then they have something for you.. The MacPhee’s really Walk their Talk.”
Don and Sheila Reeves, Summerside, PEI
“My life changed dramatically 18 years ago (1995) when I fainted at work and consequently spent the next 3 days in the hospital awaiting a diagnosis. I was suffering from Crohns’ Disease & Acute Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Nothing would be done at this time because I was 3 months pregnant, but the doctor reassured me that as soon as the baby arrived, I would have bowel surgery and possibly be on medication for the rest of my life. I tried to lock myself away and suffer in privacy but Susan MacPhee came for a short visit. I was unable to sit up so I rolled on the floor in great agony with abdominal pain and prayed that she would soon leave. As she departed she left me with this message – “If you can only change one thing in your life, give up all dairy products.”  Thus I began my journey to health by heeding her advice. In one month the pain was much relieved and the symptoms were milder and I could see improvements every month. Once my son was born I revisited the specialist to find out that I no longer required surgery or medication.  I have continued to learn from The MacPhee’s over the years and to live healthfully by being conscious about what I eat and drink and exercise daily. I am so grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge regarding healthful living.”
Marilyn H-P, Summerside, PEI
“Since meeting Dr. Gerard and Susan MacPhee in 2010 we drastically changed our way of living and have seen massive improvements in our health and wellbeing.  We had been collectively experiencing recurring symptoms like gout, asthma, allergies, athletes foot, vasculitis, decreased kidney function and depressed immune system.  All of these symptoms have disappeared.  We now spend the money we saved from medications on buying good quality organic fresh foods.  We eat a diet of predominantly plant based food with lots of raw meals.  Thank you for teaching us how live a healthier life!”
Richard & Jane Kilburn, Mooloolaba. Australia
“I have always been impressed by Dr. Gerard and Susan MacPhee with their commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  They are generous with their knowledge while respecting individual choices.  Fourteen years ago I had open-heart surgery for blocked arteries.  Following this, I attended their health and nutrition seminar series.  What I learned there has helped me everyday since.  I fully believe that I am still alive today because of the knowledge I gained from them.  I am 30lbs. lighter, can walk up stairs two steps at a time, remain strong, have low cholesterol and no further heart blockages.  I am very grateful.”
Cecil Campbell, Charlottetown, PEI
“Before I started working with Dr. Ellen MacPhee I was feeling tension in my arm and wrist from playing fiddle. It was extremely painful and a detriment to playing for any length of time. Following my very first visit I noticed a great improvement. Now I can play for at least four hours without feeling any negative effects. Dr. MacPhee also gave me great advice that has allowed my symptoms to improve as well. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”
Kenneth MacKenzie, Mabou, Cape Breton


“As a musician, it is important to have full range and ability of arms, legs, fingers, and everything in between. Playing guitar and drums was excruciating and performances were to the point that I could no longer enjoy them because it was so painful. This is when I sought Ellen’s help. If you’re like me and prefer natural ways of healing the body of ailments, then Ellen is definitely the professional need to seek out!  Ellen’s approach with her patients is open, informative and supportive and you feel included in the process. I felt a sense of pride knowing that my own body had cured itself and in fact, made itself stronger as a result of a natural treatment without the need medications.  With Ellen’s help, my shoulder has since healed itself – naturally, making guitar and drums enjoyable once again! I’ve also sought Ellen’s help with acupuncture for stress relief, which has worked wonders!”
Brent Chaisson, Summerside, PE